Come taste and see! Gourmet Cooking Salt that bursts with Exquisite Flavor: Fleur de Sel and Organic Herbs!

Come taste and see! Gourmet Cooking Salt that bursts with Exquisite Flavor: Fleur de Sel and Organic Herbs!

A Salt Banner Facebook October 2015Taste the richest of fare!

We are putting together another batch of our popular Rubbo Salt of the Earth gourmet cooking salt for the upcoming holiday season! I am so thrilled, and we are now deep in the creative process once again.

Cooking with Chi Arroz con PolloRubbo Salt of the Earth started as a holiday gift idea in 2006 when Donald wanted to share his love of flavorful food infused with health-giving properties with our friends and family. He remembered the herbs and spices from his childhood, the ones his father taught him to cook with (we’ve written the story of how Donald’s father taught him to cook in “My Father’s Magic Rock Soup”), and he brought to life creating food with the love that he learned from his father, with this Salt. He shares this love, and superb flavorings, with you through Rubbo Salt of the Earth.
Our Salt of the Earth is made with only the finest ingredients: each 4 oz package contains hand-harvested Fleur de Sel de Guérande, the creme de la creme of salts from the northwestern coast of France. The salt is skillfully and slowly raked, one half inch at a time to collect a mound of exquisite crystals – fleur de sel – harvesting maybe two pounds a day. This salt is touched only by the sun and the raker. The salt marshes of Guérande are from antiquity, and when we visited Guérande in 2011 (see our photo of the marshes in the header above!) we found the perfect combination of sun, wind, and lowland marshes, and evaporation intensifies the flavors of the nutrient-rich and trace-mineral-rich waters of the Bay of Biscay. Fleur de Sel de Guérande is revered by gourmands as the highest culinary salt in the world.
We blend Fleur de Sel de Guérande with nine organic herbs and spices, chosen by Donald for their exquisite flavor profile and profound health benefits.
  • Fleur de Sel de Guérande
  • Organic Garlic
  • Organic Onion
  • Organic Sage
  • Organic Oregano
  • Organic Basil
  • Organic Parsley
  • Organic Marjoram
  • Organic Rosemary
  • Organic Thyme

Rubbo Salt of the Earth will be available soon, and since we are only able to make limited quantities, please let us know now what your needs are so that we can assure that we can get this precious salt into your hands for the holiday season!

Only $16.00 for each savory 4 oz package of love, fleur de sel and organic herbs (plus shipping)! Email us here to pre-order:!

Rubbo Salt of the Earth logo 10.15 a

A basketful of miracles

Yesterday was a very interesting day. We drove out to Limantour Beach, as we have been doing frequently, as part of our health-restoration routine.

We bring with us snacks, water, camp chairs, warm clothes and our Bible. Depending on how Holy Spirit moves us, we’ll walk along the water, or sit in the chairs soaking in the healing energy of the crashing waves and the uplifting smell of the seaweed and marine life of the ocean.

Although the skies were mostly clear and blue yesterday (and the temperature in San Rafael was in the eighties), the wind blew cold from the north on the beach. This is not unusual for Limantour, and is one of the reasons why this beautiful beach is not as popular as Stinson Beach. That’s fine with us, we like the solitude.

We planted our camp chairs close to the water, arranged our stuff in front of the chairs, and sat watching the waves.

As we usually do when we are at beaches, we said powerful prayers to bring healing to the oceans and waterways, to all of the sea creatures, to the earth and to all of the living beings who draw sustenance from the earth. We feel the urgency of the earth as it struggles to come back into balance from the foolish and destructive choices man is making and the consequences of those choices (islands of debris floating in our oceans, the damaging radiation that permeates the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima, overfishing, fracking, releasing of toxins into our rivers by the EPA, our precious air fouled by factories and cars, etc.)

We have done these prayers for years now, to heal the earth, and have been heartened by the small and large advances right-thinking people are making.

There were a few people on the beach yesterday, some sitting as we were, and others walking along the water. Many people walking past us smiled at us, and we smiled back at them.

We saw a couple walking from the south to the north, in front of us. Older women, one of them was carrying a large round-bottom basket, stooping down periodically to pick up stones and sand dollars. I assumed the basket was for collecting these beach treasures.

Three seals popped their heads out of the water, very close to the shore, staring intently at us. We think of these seals as our friends, we see them every time we go to Limantour, and they always pop up in front of wherever we sit, and we wave and say hello.

Two young women came along, walking along the water from the south, and passed us. One of the women stopped short, then turned and walked toward us. As she came closer, she asked us, “Do you want a kitten?” As it was an odd question to be asked while sitting at a beach, we were a bit taken aback. She was carefully holding a towel, and showed us a tiny kitten resting there. The kitten could not have been more than a couple of weeks old, grey and white, and just cuter than cute.

She told us that she had found the kitten in a dune, and she didn’t know what to do with it. She kept asking us if we’d like it. My heart was torn, I love kittens, and cats, and have had several in my life, but I knew that it was not the right time to bring an animal into our lives.

Donald said prayers for the kitten, asking God to protect the kitten and to help it find a good home. We thanked the young women for their good and compassionate hearts, and we very sorrowfully said we couldn’t take the precious little thing. We knew that she’d probably take it to the ranger station, or give it to someone who would love it.

She and her friend continued walking north, and she kept saying, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with it!”

Donald and I speculated that the mother of the kitten must have been a feral cat, and somehow left the kitten on the sand. Perhaps the mother had gotten killed, and couldn’t return for the kitten. We were happy that these women had found the kitten, and that the kitten was saved from a terrible death.

We sat in front of the water for another couple of hours, until the wind got too cold, even after piling on more clothes. As we were packing up our stuff, two women came walking down along the water from the north and as they got closer they approached us.

They appeared distraught. One of them asked us, “Do you remember seeing us walk past, I was carrying a large basket?”

We said yes, we do remember! She told us that she had lost a kitten, could we help them in any way?

Stunned, but not surprised, I said, “Two young women found the kitten, and asked us if we wanted to take it. We said we couldn’t.”

With palpable relief, she asked us how long ago that had been. We said a couple of hours.

She told us that they had driven back to their home in Berkeley before they realized the kitten wasn’t in the basket. She was fostering three rescue kittens, hand-feeding them with a bottle.

Her partner walked north, to ask the people farther up the beach if they had seen the two young women. As I walked with the first woman back to the parking lot, she explained that her beloved seventeen year old dog had died the day before, and the last thing her dog had done before dying was to wash the three kittens. She had come to the beach to grieve for him, and brought the kittens in the basket.

She said she had been fostering kittens for years, and had fostered hundreds. She was beyond relieved to hear that someone had found ‘Pavarotti,’ as she knew that he would be okay whatever happened to him from then on.

(If Donald and I had taken the kitten, we would have left immediately to feed it, and thus we would have missed seeing these women and giving them the information they needed to heal and forgive themselves.)

We got to the parking lot before she did, and we packed our stuff away. As she approached her car, I went toward her and said, “Let me give you a hug!”

She hugged me back, and said her name was Nancy. Nancy asked me, “Do you like jam?” She said she makes jams, only for her family and friends, and wanted to give us some of her homemade, organic jam. From the trunk of her car she brought out a jar of the deepest red-orange apricot and handed it to me. “I am so grateful to know that Pavarotti will be okay, thank you so much!” Then she got another jar, dark red strawberry, and handed it to me. Donald came up and hugged her, and said thank you. She got another jar out, bright raspberry, and I said, “That’s too much!” She said no, it wasn’t, that was what she made her jams for, to give to her loved ones.

She then said, “Let me show you something!” In the front seat of her car was the basket, and the two other kittens were inside. ‘Yin’, was a ginger color, and Trevi was black and white. Tiny, tiny, and still with scabs from having been rescued from near death.

As we drove off, we waved to Nancy, and we were in awe to be part of this miracle. Pavarotti, the spunky one, rescued once by Nancy, had crawled out of the basket, unseen, and on a sparsely populated beach, was rescued again by two lovely young women.

How blessed is he, and how blessed are all of us.


Lemon Sea Salt Cleanse – Amazing Life-Enhancing Elixer!

Lemon Salt WaterThis Lemon Sea Salt Cleanse is a phenomenal rebalancing, detoxifying, rehydrating and restorative elixir. Sea salt stimulates your intestines and removes toxins, and lemon juice has many health benefits for your body. Donald and I have been drinking this daily for three months, and we both feel the positive difference in our bodies.

We recommend drinking the Lemon Sea Salt Cleanse (to create an alkaline environment in your body) before taking any probiotics. Probiotics flourish in an alkaline atmosphere, and you will get greater benefit the more probiotics remain in your stomach.

Lemon Sea Salt Cleanse:

One lemon (we prefer organic lemons as they do not have the resins, waxes and chemicals applied to the skin)

¼ to ½ teaspoon sea salt (amount of salt depends on your taste preference)

8 oz filtered water

Measure salt, and put into glass

Slice the lemon in half, and squeeze the juice into the glass

Add water and drink!

(We recommend pure, sun-kissed sea salt, fleur de sel from the coast of Brittany.)


Lemons have vitamins and minerals, essential for a healthy and functioning body; the antioxidant vitamin C, also vitamin A, vitamin B6, and vitamin B1 (thiamine), Minerals present lemons include copper, calcium and potassium. Copper has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Calcium is good for bones and teeth while potassium helps maintain PH and water balance.

Alkaline vs. Acidic

Lemon water with salt balances your body’s pH levels. A pH level above 7.0 is alkaline and below 7.0 is acidic. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, since lemon is acidic, when we drink lemon juice it turns alkaline in our stomachs. And salt is alkaline in nature, so the lemon juice and the salt together bring your body into pH balance. For optimal health, your body should be in an alkaline state, rather than acidic. Maintenance of pH balance is a fundamental component of good health, as poor pH balance can create digestive problems, skin diseases, osteoporosis, arthritis etc. Proper pH balance also allows better nutrient absorption, digestion, toxin elimination, etc.


Our bodies need minerals for optimal health. We don’t produce these minerals on our own, so we have to get them from food. Proper absorption of minerals is necessary for our bodies to perform important functions like maintenance of pH balance and keeping the nervous system healthy, acting as a co-factor for enzyme reactions, formation of bones and teeth, metabolic stimulation etc. Drinking lemon water with sea salt improves the absorption of minerals like magnesium, iron, potassium etc., and can help prevent health issues like osteoporosis (calcium deficiency), anaemia (iron deficiency), muscle weakness and abnormal heart rhythm (magnesium deficiency).

Healthy Heart

The heart is a vital organ and its health and care is extremely important. Lemon juice consumption has been found beneficial maintaining a healthy heart. Potassium controls high blood pressure, while vitamin C will lower cholesterol levels and prevent blood clotting within vessels. Lemon juice has antioxidant properties, helping to eliminate harmful toxins and purify blood. A steady diet of lemon water can help to preven strokes, heart attacks and other serious heart problems.

Lemon Sea Salt Cleanse: simple to prepare, inexpensive ingredients, and life-saving properties!

Celebrating 8 years of our Extraordinary Breath!

BreathStrong_042108When Donald and I first conceived our campaign to help the world gain greater health, happiness and peace of mind through these profound, ancient, effective deep breathing techniques, in 2007, we called it Breathe Strong. These two words, we felt, best described the benefits people would acquire through practicing this full-body breathing system, besides the physiological changes – lowering blood pressure, calming the mind, releasing toxins, reducing stress – the process also strengthens the   entire body: lungs and other organs, muscles, connective tissues and bones; and it strengthens and uplifts the spirit.

We even wrote some lyrics to accompany the launch of the program:

You’ve got to breathe strong, to be strong

You’ve got to breathe strong, to live long

Our desire to share this life-enhancing and health-reinforcing breathing method with the world was born from seeing the suffering caused by the global economic meltdown that began in 2007, also known as the Global Financial Crisis. We knew we had a way to bring comfort and certainty to humanity; a simple, effective, easy to learn, natural method to strengthen the bodies, minds and spirits of our global community.

One thing we all have in common, as humans, is that we all breathe, and anyone, anywhere, can learn to re-train their bodies to breathe continuously in a way that brings instant relief to all types of debilitating symptoms.

After we were threatened with a cease and desist order over ‘Breathe Strong’ from a well-known nonprofit, concerned that the public would be confused, and that their brand would be harmed, we changed the name of our transformative breathing system to ‘Extraordinary Breath.’

A few years after we abandoned our BreatheStrong website, we found a competitor has taken it, and is promoting, without hindrance, a breathing system to athletes.

The words Extraordinary Breath, though, best describe the quality of the process, as shallow breathing has, unfortunately, become the norm; ordinary breathing is shallow, life-shortening breathing.

 The normal breath merely sustains us

The Extraordinary Breath fulfills us

 To celebrate the eighth anniversary of our Extraordinary Breath eBook, we are updating and expanding the original eBook, getting it ready to relaunch soon! Check our website,, for the release date!


An extraordinary breath:  Our intention and our breath are one;  with every long, deep and even breath we consciously balance mind, body and spirit.

The deep knowing, and abiding faith in yourself  –  what we call ‘The Certainty Principle’  – is a powerful force.

The deep knowing, and abiding faith in yourself – what we call ‘The Certainty Principle’ – is a powerful force.

We send our thanks, from the deepest parts of our beings, to all who have joined their hearts with ours to uplift Donald as he continues this remarkable journey to full and permanent healing from chronic neuro-Lyme. Your love and support sustains us and propels us that much more quickly to our goal.

For everyone who is in perfect alignment with us, in Love and Wisdom, in the beautiful Truth, blessings will continuously rain down upon you!

Unwavering intention and fearless faith of healing and full recovery for Donald, and indeed for every one of their loved ones whom they hold in their hearts, is the fundamental component of creating that which you desire.

Every thought (intention) of creating positive change in the external is like planting a seed. You must take on faith that the seeds (positive outcomes) you have planted are germinating beneath the soil (and out in the Universe). The results may take a while, or they may manifest in the instant.

Do not have doubt, or misgivings, about whether your good intentions are having an effect, because doubt is like uncovering the soil to see if the seed is growing. Do not be impatient, for impatience is like once the seed has sprouted and the young tender shoot is moving slowly up through the soil to the sun, you tug on it to make it grow faster.

And the deep knowing, and abiding faith in yourself – what Donald and I call ‘The Certainty Principle’ – is a powerful force.

Your pure expressions of compassion, of selflessness, of perfect love for Donald, speaks volumes of your higher characters. This is your identity, your beautiful Truth, and this beautiful Truth has a power that is the Power of the One. The Power of Oneness is where all positive outcomes are possible, your beautiful impression (thoughts, words, actions) becomes then the beautiful expression – the manifestation of your thoughts, words and actions.

Love heals. Love, inseparable from fearless faith and guided by the Divine, creates the conditions for miracles to occur.

So rest in the certainty that what you desire is already done, a completeness in the Universe that was set into place with your fearless faith and perfect Love.

Donald says, “My fearless faith, my personal fearless faith, my personal receptivity, my personal unconditional pure love allows only pure intentions (thoughts, words and actions) to take root in the fertile ground of my consciousness, which then brings forth the beautiful radiant appearance of the flowers that bloom from the seeds of your intentions.

How blessed am I, how blessed are Cheryl Lynne and I, to receive this love from people the Divine has guided to us.”

Donald offers this teaching, as he honors his loved ones desires to deepen their self-knowledge and self-mastery:

Stand in Wuji, and become One with the One. Incorruptible, indestructible, filled with fearless faith, allow yourself to be a perfect nonresistant instrument for the Universal Energies to work through. Let every atom, every molecule, every cell of your being radiate perfect Agape Love. Say out loud, “I am One with the One.”

And then say out loud, “My intentions, my words, and my actions shall not return unto me void, but shall accomplish perfectly that where they are sent.“

When you rest in the Wuji posture, you are engaged in a process of unification, of returning to the One.

In Primordial Qigong, your practice is finding how to never be separate from the One, and deeply understanding this relationship of inseparability, and developing the wisdom to control and direct the two forces, the yin and yang. Your thought that becomes divided, your Word that becomes divided, your Action that becomes divided, becomes the expression of the separation of the two forces, manifesting in the external.

Your Qigong practice refines your journey through life, and since you are in alignment with the working of Universal Law, rest assured that you are undivided, and being certain in your thoughts, words and actions, there can only be achievement and accomplishment.

Bless your heart! While Donald has not yet reached full recovery, we are seeing daily signs and healing miracles that he is on the right, Divinely guided path.

Love always, Cheryl Lynne

Lateefah Simon: “I love you. I just can’t get enough of your words (on a personal video from Donald thanking Kevin and Lateefah for their support). Kevin (Weston) adored you. I will never forget your visit to our home when you performed a healing on Kevin. He felt so free for weeks after. You are a blessing. Your life and health are so important.

Emily S.: “After talking with Cheryl Lynne last week, it occurred to me that while Donald is enduring great suffering presently, his ability to heal others is as powerful as an ocean tsunami. How do we account for this? A cosmic conundrum! On the soul-level something very blessed is happening here. Very big shifts are moving people to higher levels of consciousness; I believe Donald and Cheryl Lynne are members of specialized healers that are assisting people to higher levels. We are all being led into the Light. I have felt the powerful, warm and loving healing energy from these masters of energy: Cheryl Lynne and Donald. Thank you.”

“A glimpse of a greater interconnectedness of all of nature……” excerpt from our upcoming eBook

Donald Universal Post Lugano

An excerpt from our upcoming eBook, Tai Chi Ch’uan, the lost Yang-style Tai Chi Ch’uan form, brought to the U.S. in the 1960’s by Kuo Lien Ying:

Donald studied with Kuo Lien Ying, at his studio in Portsmouth Square park, San Francisco, for many years beginning in 1976. Early one morning while practicing out in the park, Donald was shown a glimpse of a greater interconnectedness of all of nature that convinced him there is more to what we perceive of as reality than he had ever previously imagined.

One of the standing meditation practices that Sifu Kuo taught is Universal Post, from  Yi Chuan (from the Xingyiquan tradition); the practitioner literally stands like a post, with arms upraised and rounded, as if hugging a tree. The goal of this practice is to settle your mind, and develop an awareness of the internal systems of your body and of your connection with the external energies around you, and ultimately the wisdom to direct them flows from this awareness. Sifu Kuo did not speak English and couldn’t explain to his students who spoke only English the purpose of this exercise. Donald noticed the other students, after they had completed their physical practices, going to stand under the trees, so he did the same.

We were encouraged, by the older students, to stand like this for as long as possible, and to stand for a longer period each time. For the beginner, this was an extremely difficult thing to do – your arms would start to burn, your legs would start to shake, and your monkey mind would be screaming, “How much longer do I have to stand like this? What is the point of this? I can’t take another second!”

The Universe Expands

Early one morning, while Donald was standing next to a tree after an hours-long rigorous practice of Shao Lin Chuan, Sifu Kuo walked up to him and reached out to touch him. Kuo adjusted Donald’s hand positions, bringing the left hand slightly forward and the right fingers pointing to the center of the left palm. As Sifu Kuo adjusted his hands – which had an immediate effect of also correcting his posture, Donald felt the energy from his teacher flow into his own body, and in that moment Donald experienced something almost beyond words, he felt the universe in complete alignment and perfect harmony; he could see the truth in all things and he felt connected, on a deep and profound level, to the universal order. Then Sifu Kuo released his hands and walked away chuckling, and that expansive, all-pervading wisdom disappeared, and Donald returned back to his normal, suddenly narrowed, perception.

Having felt this connection, this all-encompassing power and exquisite beauty, even for so brief a moment, Donald knew he could find it again. This set him on his life-long quest for what he refers to as the Holy Grail of Tai Chi Ch’uan and Qigong: living in the seemingly elusive state of being that is the total integration of inner and outer reality, where all of the senses are in a heightened state and the doors of perception are cleansed, not by psychotropic substances, but by resting in the natural state of the mind.

Donald knew that if he could experience this connection and flow, then every person has the     potential to experience it as well, and decades ago he determined to find a way to transmit this ability to others who are ready, who have open hearts and receptive minds, and show them how to expand their consciousness and transcend the limitations of everyday existence.

Fast forward to September, 2014. Donald received a phone call from a former student. Donald had not talked with Richard for 20 years, and he told Donald how much he valued the teachings he received from him, 20 years ago, and he practiced daily the Qigong that Donald had taught him. Every day he would do Donald’s Long Life exercises, he stood in Wuji meditation, and he did the dissolving technique. He said that he had gone for a physical recently, and was given an excellent bill of health by his doctors. He was calling because he couldn’t calm his monkey mind, he had ADD and he felt he wasn’t accomplishing all that he could accomplish in his life, his monkey mind seemed to be in control.

Time and space are not obstacles in the Universe, the power of a highly-trained mind is limitless. Donald gave Richard a teaching and sent a transmission to his mind over the phone.

We received an email from Richard a couple of days later:

“Thank you for giving me that teaching on the phone the other day, and for emailing me those life-changing affirmations. I had a profound experience the first time I uttered them. When I said, “I am one with the One,” I was instantly overwhelmed by a feeling of pure love and absolute compassion. I felt that I was in touch with the chi that animates the universe and gives consciousness and is a consciousness. I felt every plant and animal tuned to it, in my perception even flies have awareness. I was part of this vast web of an endless cycle of birth death and regeneration that the stars and planets are a part of and I felt everything pulsing in and out.

Although I am a scientific realist about extra-terrestrials [I’m waiting for empirical evidence] I was aware of countless sentient beings experiencing the same thing. My eyes were closed and I saw total blackness with no racing thoughts for the first time. Yet the darkness was moving rapidly in all directions at once with a slight phosphorescent blue tint to it. I wasn’t afraid and embraced it and the only way to describe it was just total love and compassion. I tried to absorb that into my body and it was so warm. After that, it was over. This was as intense as any psychedelic experience I’ve ever had.           I realized that the efficiency I was requesting was just a small part of the balance of the universe. I felt the relationship of predator to play, of plants and their environment, and I felt the stars spinning in harmony with each other. My needs were miniscule and yet so easily granted. Thank you so much.”

We know that anyone can have this life-changing experience as well. Diligent and continual practice is the key; as the I Ching states, ‘Perseverance furthers.’

(c) Donald and Cheryl Lynne Rubbo

Reactive Hypoglycemia, as a result of chronic Neuro-Lyme disease

It has taken me a while to understand hypoglycemia. Many people, myself included, often confused this with diabetes, and these are two very different conditions.

When you have diabetes, as I am understanding it, the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin (insulin is a hormone that helps your body process the glucose), so there is too much sugar in your blood.

Hypoglycemia occurs when the pancreas is making too much insulin, and there is not enough sugar in your blood, and you can experience a sudden system crash.

Several years ago Donald developed reactive hypoglycemia, rather suddenly: he started ‘falling asleep’ on the couch right after eating dinner, especially if we had pasta, or potatoes, or other starchy foods (carbohydrates). After much research, I found that his symptoms fit perfectly as reactive hypoglycemia. But there wasn’t much guidance out there on how to manage it at the time.

It wasn’t until Donald got a diagnosis of Lyme disease this past March (after eight years of lots of other distressing symptoms), in particular neuro-Lyme, that we found out Lyme disease can create hypoglycemia in its host.

We also found out last March that Donald had developed gluten-intolerance, which is another thing that Lyme disease will create for its host. The lab that did the test wrote on the report that Donald should not ever consume anything that contains gluten for the rest of his life.

For someone who has Italian blood (on his father’s side) this is very upsetting. Donald loves pasta, and bread, and misses the taste of these foods. Gluten-free pastas, breads, crackers, etc., do not yet have the satisfying taste of wheat flour, and are unconscionably expensive.

Regarding hypoglycemia, there is not a lot of information out there, on the Internet or from doctors, to help people cope with this very frightening condition. Donald’s neurologist casually said, “Just eat several smaller meals during the day.”

Donald’s Lyme-Literate doctor didn’t have any suggestions on how to manage or control the reactive hypoglycemia. And his primary care doctor just goes, “Um hmmm….” when we mention it to him.

As Donald goes through the various treatment protocols for eradicating Lyme disease from his body, the herxes are quite strong (herxes are the body’s reaction to the toxins released by the bacteria as they die off, the symptoms worsen as the toxins migrate through and out of the body), and the hypoglycemic crashes can be very severe and can come on very suddenly.

One of the disconcerting things about reactive hypoglycemia is that you can’t always tell when you are crashing. You feel tired, and naturally you just want to take a few minutes and take a nap, and can’t understand why your loved one is bugging you, asking if you are crashing and need some food. But once you eat something, in Donald’s case protein and/or high-fat foods, and you recover, you realize that it was indeed a low-blood sugar crash coming on, and you are extremely grateful to your wife for noticing and addressing it (!)

I have, after much trial and error, found several things that can bring Donald back, fairly quickly. Since he is gluteRicotta Cheesen-intolerant, carbohydrates are out of the question. I give him only protein and fat-rich foods. For example, I keep lots of whole milk ricotta cheese in the refrigerator, and when I feel him beginning a low-blood sugar crash, I put a couple tablespoons or so of ricotta in a bowl, drizzle extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt onto it.

Since Donald is concentrating his time and energy, every single day, engaged in a comprehensive program for his full and complete recovery from Lyme disease, consisting of prayer, meditation, qigong systems and strenuous exercises I am devoting myself to the proper continual care, feeding and maintenance of Donald.

During the time we were traveling and teaching (the last few years), it could be challenging to keep Donald’s blood-sugar in balance to prevent crashes. I didn’t always have access to the proper foods, a kitchen to prepare home-cooked meals, or we made do with restaurant food.

Now that we have been blessed with a place of our own once again, I am finding my way, and keeping Donald’s blood sugar as even as possible throughout the day. Along with all the other things I do to support his recovery!

According to Naburo Muramoto’s excellent book, “Healing Ourselves,” (Mr. Muramoto was one of Donald’s healing arts teachers in San Francisco, in the 1970’s) diabetes and hypoglycemia results ‘from the organism’s inability to maintain a constant and proper blood-sugar level.’ I’ve recently returned to this book, and found the following suggestions to control diabetes and hypoglycemia:

  • Eat very little sugar
  • Whole grains – brown rice, buckwheat, etc.
  • Vegetables: onions, carrots, squash
  • Adzuki bean soup (for breakfast)
  • Miso soup (for breakfast, along with the adzuki soup)
Home 041

Adzuki beans

Here’s some food suggestions for small meals that I found have worked for us:

  • Lentil soup (prepared from scratch)
  • Tuna fish salad
    • Toasted Brown Rice porridge (known as jook, or congee in Chinese)
  • Caprese salad (fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and tomatoes
  • Chicken Salad (from leftovers from dinners)
  • Small portions of meat (beef and chicken) and sautéed vegetables (for the evening meal)

I had been preparing green smoothies for us, for a couple of months, with fresh and frozen fruit and fresh kale and protein powder, every morning, but I stopped about a week ago, to gauge whether they were adding too much sugar to Donald’s daily food intake.

We are having more and more success, each day, in keeping homeostasis for our bodies, minds and spirits, and all of these modifications, while life-saving for Donald, are also benefiting me!