Quantum States of Healing

We are very excited to announce that we have formed a new company, Quantum States Inc., which is a subsidiary of PDP II Research Foundation. Quantum States Inc. will produce our latest mind-body medicine cognitive restructuring project, a revolutionary product that will change the field of healing for generations to come. This, we believe, is the future of medicine. 

We have many visionary experts on board, including a consciousness scientist, a world-renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and a brilliant psychologist, and there is a lot of support and excitement in others we’ve consulted.

This cutting-edge project blends the latest in technology with proven, effective mind-body medicine practices, to bring relief to millions suffering from many illnesses and diseases.

 To bring this product to market, we have incorporated as a Benefit Corporation, a brand new type of company in the United States, a new class of corporations that are required to create a material positive impact on society and the environment and to meet a higher standard of accountability. B Corps emphasis the Triple Bottom Line, People, Planet and Profits.

We are very proud that last year, it was our very own San Rafael Assemblyman, Jared Huffman, who introduced the historic Assembly Bill 361, allowing California for-profit companies to file as a Benefit Corporation in order to pursue social missions AND tap the capital markets to raise money.

Our new company, Quantum States Inc., is a subsidiary of PDP II Research Foundation, but it is a stand-alone corporation, able to receive investments from venture capitalists, angel investors and companies.

We are gathering together our team of visionaries, raising start-up funds for Quantum States Inc. This exciting project will have countless benefits for humanity, we sincerely hope that you will join with us as we bring this state of the art, transformative mind-body medicine to humanity.

We dream of a better world………….

Donald and I have been blessed to participate in, and even to be the catalyst for, many miracles….

Donald and I have been blessed to participate in, and even to be the catalyst for, many miracles, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of our families, friends, students and clients.

We set our intention for specific outcomes, and more often than not this reality unfolds before our eyes.

Twelve years ago, one of our very dear longtime friends, Norman Schwartz, a Wall Street whiz, was walking his dog in the early New York City springtime when he slipped on black ice and broke his leg. The fracture was very bad, and while still in the hospital he developed compartment syndrome. His doctors were considering amputating his leg, as the swelling was quite severe, and getting worse. Donald flew there immediately, and stayed by Norman’s side performing healing prayers and rituals until Norman was released from the hospital with his leg intact.

It took Norman quite a while to heal completely from this injury, and Donald and I flew several times to New York to be with him and do healing work on him. During one long, particularly powerful meditation/prayer/ healing session in Norman’s twelfth-story apartment in late spring, we glanced out the plate-glass windows and saw, although the sky was blue all around the city, snowflakes falling but only over Norman’s apartment building!

Not long after this, Norman called us from his hospital bed, telling us the doctors said he was dying from osteomyelitis in his leg and a stubborn high fever, several days of antibiotics were not working, and he begged us to come see him and save him from dying. We flew in the very next day, and the moment we walked into his hospital room his fever started to go down, and the infection started to recede. His girlfriend and the doctors attributed it to the antibiotics finally kicking in, but we knew in our hearts that his belief in us, and our belief in our healing abilities, brought Norman back to recovery.

In mid-2000, Donald’s mother, Maria, was diagnosed with uterine cancer at Montefiore Hospital, in the Bronx, New York. A sweet, seemingly delicate woman, Maria didn’t believe she was sick, and she went to doctor’s appointments only reluctantly. For the next year, Donald traveled to the Bronx every six weeks to spend a week or two with his mother, doing bio-energy healing work on her. Her extensive tests from Montefiore showed that the cancer had metastasized to her lymph system, pancreas and liver. Donald took her to the top cancer hospital in New York City, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, where a noted oncologist agreed to see her. More tests were done on Maria that confirmed the findings at Montefiore, and it was noted by Maria’s doctor that her uterus looked shrunken and diseased. Finally, surgery was scheduled, and Donald sat in the family waiting room, deep in meditation, ‘seeing’ his mother free of cancer and mentally guiding the surgeon’s hands.

After the operation, the doctor came out to talk with the family. She was practically in shock and mumbling to herself, “I don’t understand, I don’t understand.” Donald asked her about his mother, was she okay? The doctor said, “Your mother is in the recovery room. But I don’t understand.  I just took the uterus of a seventeen year old out of your mother. So I had to go and review the tests that were done at Montefiore and here at Sloan-Kettering. Those tests clearly showed that there was cancer present, and that it had metastasized. I just did biopsies of the organs, and I am very puzzled because I couldn’t find any cancer! Your mother does not need chemo or radiation, and in fact, I’m sorry to say the surgery itself was not required.” Donald told her, “As long as my mother is okay, what we’ve experienced is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you for your role in this miracle!”

Maria continues to live cancer free to this day.

Physician as Placebo


‘Physician as Placebo’ refers to the phenomenon of patients feeling better during, and after, a visit to their doctor or health care provider, and healing faster than normal.   

Try Googling ‘Physician as Placebo’ and you’ll find that there isn’t much out there on this important concept. We have seen the effect of this time and time again in our private practice, our clients come to us with life-threatening illnesses, and through our work they transmute their illnesses and bodies into states of extraordinary good health, and transform their lives.  

What causes this positive change? We believe it is because of the power of our minds, our trust and belief in ourselves as healers, and the faith and trust placed in us by our clients.

Placebos are defined as substances with no active medicine in them, or procedures and devices that have no curative effects.  Placebos are considered deceptions, these substances or procedures somehow ‘trick’ people into the desired outcome, whether it’s shrinking cancerous tumors or lifting depression, or lowering blood pressure, to name just a few.

But how to explain the phenomena of positive results in the patient through the physician/patient relationship? Why do some patients respond better to treatment, real or placebo, with some doctors and fail to respond with other doctors? And not just doctors, but healers from the spectrum of health care providers?

The answer might lie with mirror neurons. A mirror neuron is a neuron that fires when a person acts as well as when the person observes the same action performed by another. The neuron “mirrors” the behavior of the other, as though the observer were himself acting.     

If you feel that your doctor, or health care provider, sincerely cares about you and your positive health outcome, you develop trust in that person. Thus, whatever medications, if any, real or placebo, that your doctor prescribes for you will more work more often than not to quickly bring about a positive health outcome.  

 The power of belief and certainty

These doctors trust and believe in their own wisdom, they have a certainty borne of long years of practice and interaction with patients. This certainty radiates from the doctor, she is an authority due to years of experience and training, it is in the words she speaks, the assured tone of her voice, the comfort you feel from her caring touch, her belief that you can get better, and soon.  

As you watch her, and listen to her, and feel her certainty, your neurons are firing in empathic response to her brain activity. You believe you can get better because she knows that you will.   

V.S. Ramachandran, the eminent neuroscientist, writes in The Tell-Tale Brain,[1] “It is as if mirror neurons are nature’s own virtual-reality simulations of the intentions of other beings.”

The doctor knows that the body is a healing machine, it begins healing itself automatically. When you cut yourself, the repair to the injured area starts immediately. If you break a bone, it starts knitting back together; if you have a cold or flu, the immune system, always working in the background, kicks into high gear to fight off the bacteria or virus.

So, choose your doctors and health care providers carefully, they can help you accelerate your healing process with their care, their wisdom and their certainty.

 “Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” Hippocrates.

[1] The Tell-Tale Brain, V.S. Ramachandran, W. W. Norton & Company (January 17, 2011)

Love is the Answer

We totally agree! In 2008, in response to the global economic meltdown caused by the toxic subprime mortgage debacle, we released our free digital eBook ‘Extraordi­nary Breath.’ It has been translated into six languages so far (we just received the seventh, French!) We urged people then, and we continue to urge people, to expand during times of fear and contractio­n, to inspire others worldwide to breathe in love and gratitude and breathe out love and gratitude. Our free eBook ‘Extraordi­nary Breath’has been downloaded thousands of times, in many countries, and is available on our website http://www­.Extraordi­naryBreath­.com, in English, Hebrew, Italian, Lithuanian­, German, and Romanian.
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Health and Fitness in the Swiss Alps

Shao Lin Chuan in Scuol, Switzerland

We just completed the first session of our annual Rubbo Retreat in Switzerland, and we are so delighted to be creating magic with our Swiss students once again.

We’ve got a great group here, it’s a joy to share our wisdom with open hearts and receptive minds.

There’s a great range of ages practicing the aerobic martial art Shao Lin Chuan with us, from 25 to 75.  Although Shao Lin is traditionally taught to young people, we believe that anyone can do this health-enhancing system and have watched with joy as our students who are seniors move with grace, confidence and power across the court.

Of course we’ve included our breathing exercises in this retreat. Scuol is at 4,000 feet, and deep breathing exercises done at this altitude will increase lung capacity for not just here (leading to greater health, endurance, clarity of mind, power and effortless energy) but for the lower elevations also.

Elaine, Frank and Mikko doing Chinese pushups

The Shao Lin Chuan Group!

The second session of our retreat began this morning, Awakening the Inner Healer ( Erwecke Deine innere Heilkraft). We are all healers, and at this session we are teaching how to cultivate and express your innate healing abilities. We’ve noticed big shifts already in our retreatants, such a delight to facilitate those aha! moments.

We usually give a name to our tours, previously we had the Rubbo Magical Mystery Tour (a spiritual journey to India, Nepal and Thailand in early 2010), the Rubbo Love is the Answer Teaching Tour (last year in Europe).

We were waiting for the universe to indicate the name for this current teaching tour, and it came to us a few days ago: The Rubbo Limitless Love and Gratitude Teaching Tour. We are infusing our all of our teachings with love and gratitude and transmitting to all of our students the felt-sensations of limitless love and gratitude, for them to appreciate all of the blessings each of us receive, from the universe, from our families and friends, from our communities and from the world.

Peter Max’s painting of Donald’s father, Don Rubbo

Several years ago we heard that Peter Max would be signing copies of his new book of paintings at a Borders store in San Jose. I insisted to Donald that we go to the book signing.

We drove down to the Borders store and purchased a copy of the book, and then stood in a long line. One of the employees announced that if you wanted Peter Max to sign the book to a particular person, to write the name of that person on a slip of paper.

We wrote down ‘Don Rubbo’ on a piece of paper. We know that Peter Max hadn’t seen that name in many, many years.

In 1962, Peter Max, Tom Daly and their mentor Don Rubbo started a small Manhattan arts studio together, the Daly & Max Studio. Although his name wasn’t listed, Don Rubbo joked that he was the ampersand in Daly & Max Studio.  In 1963, Daly, Max and Rubbo did the illustration, design and color for Helga Sandburg’s (the daughter of poet Carl Sandburg) children’s book Joel and the Wild Goose. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Rubbo)

At the book signing, we waited patiently for our turn, inching slowly up to the table where Peter Max sat hunched over the books as he was signing them. He rarely looked up, only glancing over at the slips of paper and writing a quick inscription.  Finally we reached the table, slid our book to him and placed the piece of paper with ‘Don Rubbo’ on top of the book.

He stared at the piece of paper for a few moments, and then looked up at Donald with a big smile. He leaped over the table and grabbed Donald in a bear hug, exclaiming, “Your father taught us all!”

As the long line of people watched, Peter and Donald were engaged in a lengthy conversation, and finally Peter said to Donald, “Send me a photo of your dad, and I will make a painting of him for you!”

Several years passed, and recently I emailed him again, gently reminding him of his offer, and saying how much it would mean to Donald to receive the painting. I sent again a photo, one that Don Rubbo had taken of himself sitting with his sons, with Donald just behind his shoulder.

Peter’s assistant called me, and said she thought the photo was so exquisite, and that Peter would be creating a painting for Donald and that it would be shipped soon. We were beyond excited, so thrilled and honored, and looking forward to seeing the painting.

It finally arrived, and it is truly a magnificent piece of art. We are deeply grateful to Peter, and as Donald examined the painting, he could feel the energy and love that Peter put into every brush stroke.

Thank you, Peter!